20 Worse Photoshop Fails 2017 You’re Ever Likely to See

We take a look at 20 Photoshop fails or sometimes wins and I try to tell you I try to figure out How these have come about because some of them are great some are horrible I.

I want to get in the head of the creator and that’s what were going to do here today. So without further ado for you.

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1 Alright, so this first one doesn’t look half bad I mean, you’re like “What? What is in it that’s so wrong?”

Photoshop Fail 1

Credit: youtube.com

But then you kinda-You zoom out just a tad and you’re like, “Where’d her legs go?” “Where’d her legs go?” clearly she’s holding onto his foot for support- wait what is she holding onto? is that his- oh that’s her foot Oh~ I don’t think this is a Photoshop fail, look, her leg is, like, going up he’s got his arm on her leg.

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