Best 6 Tech Valentine Gifts for Him! – Valentine’s Day 2017

Today, I’m gonna bring you my picks for the best Valentine’s Day gift here in 2017. I’m talking about tech gifts obviously, pieces of tech that you or your significant other might want for Valentine’s Day.

I’m gonna be proving you with a couple of things that I think make for a nice Valentine’s Day gift in the tech world, right here in 2017.

Let’s jump in right now.


1. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPodsFirst up, this one is a little bit hard to find, but people are going after it, people do want it, and that’s why they are so hard to find, I’m talking about the Apple AirPods.

This little case right here houses two AirPods.

These are basically Apple’s wireless headphones. You can use one at a time, or you can use both, it’s up to you. Both have microphones that are pointed towards your mouth. You can talk on the phone.

You can talk to Siri if you double tap on one.

Of course you can use this to listen to music, podcasts, watch movies, etc. You get five hours of battery life from each AirPod when they’re fully charged, and you put ’em in the case to charge them. If they’re dead, a 15 minute charge will give you three hours of battery life in each AirPod.

The case itself holds 24 hours worth of charge, and you can charge the case right through the bottom using that lightning port.

Now Apple AirPods are $159.

It’s a good price when you compare them to other truly wireless earbuds.

They’re not that expensive when you look at the competition, but if you don’t have a significant other for Valentine’s Day, or you care about getting them on Valentine’s Day, or you don’t wanna spend the $159 on them.

Now it should be said that the AirPods do work best with Apple devices, so what that means is iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, MacBookPro, iMac, Mac Pro etc.

They do work with Android devices, they do work with Windows PCs, but if you use them with Apple devices, you get some extra Apple magic thanks to that W1 chip.

If pair it with an iPhone, it’ll automatically pair to all other Apple devices that you own where you’re logged in with your Apple ID, so you don’t have to turn it on and off, pair it on and off, go back and forth.

Pair it once with one device, and you’re automatically paired with all your other Apple devices. Very cool, kudos to Apple on that one.

Let’s move on to the next device though.

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