Top 5 LATEST Games on Kickstarter – January 2017

We begin top 5 games 2017 with cartoonist third person shooter, Renegade Line.

5. Renegade Line

Renegade Line
The game supports four playable classes: thief, sniper, spotter and tank.

Each have unique abilities, which can be tweaked as you level up. Hopefully, this’ll give the game variety,making opponents and teammates different each fight, and proving deeper pre-game tactics and team combinations.

The other feature we really liked is the radio that will broadcast discussion and news about Renegade Line whilst you’re out of battle.

Unfortunately, Renegade Line’s Kickstarter throws around a lot of ideas without adequate elaboration.

For instance, it is put in bold text that you must choose between one of two factions, but there is no explanation as to how they are at all meaningful.

Another culprit is the promise and listing of many game modes, without detail on what the main mode is or how they’ll differ from other team-based shooters.

This has left us concerned that a lot of the games ideas haven’t been well planned or tested just yet.

With a young team who’ve to this point worked for free, we’re rooting for it and their success.

And from the game’s art and character customization,we can tell that the developers are certainly talented and capable.

With its campaign funded and finished, Renegade Line’s alpha will launch next month.

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